Build Custom Reports

Build Custom Reports

With your contracts held in their original paper form or on multiple out of date spreadsheets, it is difficult to produce meaningful reports.

With your data inside intelligentcontract, producing reports quickly is simple. Here are the features that are designed to help you produce great reports quickly.


Once your users have created data in your intelligentcontract account, you are then able to utilise a number of pre-defined dashboards.

The dashboards provide informative graphic snapshot style information that report contract endpoints, category expenditure and contracts allocated by your organisation structure.

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Export and Print Anywhere

Each summary screen in intelligentcontract has a "Print" and "Export" button.

You are able to quickly print the data you are viewing or export it to Excel ready for further manipulation or to be part of another report.

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Reporting with Export to Excel

intelligentcontract allows the creation of custom reports that can be built to meet your exact requirements and then shared with all your users.

Once defined, reports can be run with different parameters and delivered in either a Micosoft Excel or PDF format.

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Report to Excel

Organisation Structure

The structure of your organisation can be modelled in intelligentcontract. Contracts can be assigned to that structure allowing reporting, dashboards and searching of contracts by organisation structure.

Multi-Site Support

With intelligentcontract you don't need to worry about whether users spread across sites are able to share the same data.

Whether your users are spread across the globe or you have a number of 'home-workers', they will still be able to access their contracts to report on the data they need without having to compromise on security.

Session Management

Session management provides administrators with the ability prevent account users from logging in and to terminate sessions of users already logged in. Additionally, an administrator is able to simulate logging in as any of the account's users - called user account overriding.

Administrators can test security settings. Audit trail functionality records activities of administrators that have overridden a user's account