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Managing & monitoring a high-volume of documents to increase efficiency and security.

intelligentcontract for Media & Entertainment

Intelligentcontract has the tools and software to support the magnitude of contracts, deadlines, and legal agreements in an efficient and simple way.

How We Can Help You

Simultaneously Track Multiple Documents

Keep an eye on transactions, amendments, and approvals for multiple invoices and contracts and track progress for specific actions required. Create tasks for your team and document to ensure efficiency.

Manage Renewals & Data Viewing

Document and refer to any change requests, extensions, and renewals and upload supporting files. Import bulk contracts from spreadsheets to access data immediately. Easily view data according to segments with customizable dashboards.

Key Performance Indicators

Record performances for individuals, companies, suppliers, and other vendors for future use and add any helpful notes to individual documents for others to capture actions/feedback during a contract’s lifecycle.

Confidentiality & Permissions

Contract information is highly sensitive and with a large number to manage it can be a difficult task to monitor actions. Intelligentcontract has the tools to manage permissions and user access to increase security and privacy and to track performance.

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