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007 Building Loan Financial Services IMA Bank Group 6 Months 25-July-2018 Active £24,000.00 Rejected 006 Drink Supplies General Goods Whet WhistleLtd 24 Months Due EUR 754.67[£665.00] Approved 008 Security & CCTV Professional Services BHB Security 12 Months 18-Nov-2017 12-Apr-2019 Future £950.00 Approved 005 Coffee BeanSupply General Goods Grounded Inc 12 Months 01-Dec-2018 Active £14,400.00 In Progress 004 BuildingsInsurance Financial Services SelfsureInsurance 12 Months 27-Mar-2018 Draft £2,550.00 Approved 003 Air ConditioningMaintenance General Services Cooldown Inc 24 Months 21-Jan-2017 Active £520.00 Pending 002 Waste RemovalServices General Services Cleanup WasteServices 8 Months 08-Sep-2016 Expired $10,601.06[£8,025.00] Approved 001 Electricity Supply Energy & Utilities Switched On 12 Months 17-May-2018 Active £9,104.88 Approved Search Search Search Search Search Search Search Search # Title Category Vendor Term Start Date Status Value Approval Page 2 of 28 All Contracts Contracts New Search... DashboardContractsPeoplePartiesTasksAlertsReportsKPIsApprovalsAssetsRisksInbox ? Whats New? intelligentcontract
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  • Full featured contract management software
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  • Never get caught out by rollovers again
  • Organise data across your organization
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Top 9 Challenges of Contract Management

Contract management is not a simple or straightforward task – that’s why dedicated professionals need to take on the role and why there are some excellent contract management software solutions to help make things move along more smoothly...

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intelligentcontract Received Premium Usability and Rising Star Honors for Cloud Management from Platform for SaaS Reviews

At intelligentcontract, we have been working hard to offer our clients the most efficient contract management solution...

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Using Contract Management Software to go Paperless

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Contract Management software

intelligentcontract is premium contract management software. Contract management. Made Simple. It provides a secure and centralised place for all your contracts. Reduce risk, automate processes and improve your profitability

Contract automation software

Automate your contracting process with our cloud based contract management software. Using our cloud contract management software you can manage approvals, issue cancellations, set up milestone alerts and much more

Cloud based contract management software

Our solution is a cloud based. We don't have any hidden charges. A single price gives you access to our software, support services and all software upgrades.

Cloud contract management software

We offer cloud based contract management. Our hosting partner, Amazon, is a grade A hosting provider that hosts many of the world's premier web services including Amazon is ISO27001 compliant - a data security standard respected around the world. A detailed security document is available for download in our support area.

Tablet and Desktop Functionality