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Why Do I Need A Contract Management System?

Here are the top 5 reasons you need ditch the spreadsheet and filing cabinets and start managing your contract process effectively.


Don't miss renewals and get tied up with supplier disputes

With intelligentcontract in place, you are able to easily support your organization with renewal management, helping to avoid roll overs. Also with all the data to hand you can solve particularly tricky supplier dispute easily.


Find that supplier phone number or document - fast!

Simplify your contract management process, share contracts with the people you want, and never waste time looking for contract documents or supplier information again.
Having everything in one place means that when you need the information you know where to look, wherever you are, using whatever device is to hand.


Understand which agreements are active, expired or due

With so many agreements in place with lots of suppliers, it can be very difficult to keep on top of contract administration. Knowing which agreements are active, expired or due as well as how much each one is worth monthly, annually and for its lifetime is a task in itself.


Get a secure platform of data that everyone can access

Contract Staff spend time answering questions from the wider organization about existing agreements as well as chasing people regarding renewals or disputes.
intelligentcontract provides a central platform for all organization users to access their own agreement information.


Introduce approvals and electronic signatures

Approve contracts internally or have them signed externally - all from your mobile device.

Key Features

"Adaptable to our organizational structure and allowed our clients protected access to their contracts."

- Jenny Jones, NHS
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Integration With OneLogin

As of Friday 26th January 2018, we have introduced Plug-Ins to intelligentcontract. Plug-Ins allow you to extend the capabilities of our solution by integrating with other web applications. The first plug-in we have released is an integration with OneLogin.

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