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intelligentcontract for Education

The education industry faces big challenges primarily focused on reducing costs. A contract management system can help automate and improve contract management across all departments.

There are many documents involved and used frequently like contracts, procedures, policies, forms, and more, which requires quick and easy access when required.

Investing in a contract management system can provide innovative solutions to help achieve a more efficient business approach with cost-saving results.

How We Can Help You

Electronic Signatures for Efficiency

Many documents require different professionals to approve and sign. This can be a time-consuming task and these professionals do have hectic schedules. Integrated with Adobe Sign, intelligentcontract has the functionality to obtain signatures electronically.


There is an abundant amount of documents across contracts and departments that need to be stored for present and future use. Upload supporting documents and other important files to the document library by creating folders, making it easier to search and share

Automated Reminders and Alerts

One of the most preventable yet common causes of increased costs is missing deadlines, resulting in additional costs and commitments.. Creating alerts support post-execution tasks like renewals, payments, and others. Automate processes to increase efficiency and monitor task progress and deadlines with more transparency.

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