Organizing multiple tasks and storing various files to streamline processes throughout the procurement life cycle

intelligentcontract for Procurement

In the procurement industry you deal with a lot of back and forth between vendors and organizations when handling RFQs, RFPs, RFPs, and more.

Agreements are amended frequently throughout different phases of the procurement process which requires effective management and communication with all users to track progress.

intelligentcontract provides the tools to ensure multiple tasks are performed efficiently and easily with our simple-to-use contract management software solution.

How We Can Help You

Communication & Notifications

Update and stay in contact with relevant people through the different stages with our User Messaging and Notification features which can be sent to both intelligentcontract users and non-users.

Customized Reporting & Sharing

Create custom reports based on your requirements and extract data with specific parameters and share with users in Microsoft Excel or PDF format.

Security Groups & Approval

Users can be assigned to relevant groups with access to specific contracts to increase security. Send documents for internal approval and successfully track progress.

Manage Supplier Performance

Performance is key when dealing with various vendors and suppliers. Improve and manage communication across all phases with KPIs and performance tracking.

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