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Feature Walkthrough

Create Contract Alerts

Create Contract Alerts

Create one-time or recurring alerts for a specific date or associate them with a milestone such as the contract end date. Create as many alerts as necessary for each contract.

Alerts are sent to each user's email inbox on the required date.

Upload Documentation and Search Content

Contract documents can be uploaded and associated with each of your contracts. Contract documentation can then be easily located when it's required whilst being securely stored.

In addition, we employ "Optical Character Recognition" to each document that's uploaded to This technology examines your PDFs and other files, converting them into searchable text.

Upload Documentation

Manage Renewals

intelligentcontract provides functionality to manage contract change requests, extensions and renewals.

Log version numbers of contracts and review the history of change requests. Optionally upload the documentation to support the contract change.

Import Your Data

intelligentcontract provides tools to import bulk contracts, people or companies from a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Get working with your data instantly or use our optional implementation services and we'll set up your account to your specification.

Import Your Data
Custom Fields and Layout

Customization of Fields and Layout

Custom fields can be added to capture data which is specific to your organization. Different custom fields can be defined for each contract type.

Existing and new custom fields can be placed exactly where required. Existing fields can be removed, renamed or made mandatory. The resulting solution will match your organization's process and terminology exactly.

To-Do Management

Create "to-do" lists and associate them to your contracts. The "to-do" tab collates all your to-dos in one place. Create to-dos for your team or your suppliers.

This feature can be useful for maintenance or warranty contracts. The history of work done for a specific contract can then be reviewed at renewal time.

Intuitive Control

intelligentcontract provides the tools that allow you to quickly create and manage your contracts. Contracts can be created, edited, deleted or archived with the click of a button. Views and filters allow you to quickly locate your contracts. Print or export any of your contract lists.

Use the "recent places" to jump back to contracts you were working on. Search facilities allow users to find specific text within a contract. The recycle bin allows you to recover contracts that have been deleted.

Custom Views

Views allow users to segment the contracts into sets of data that are of interest. Select a view and the list of contracts will update to meet the criteria set for that view. For example "contracts created this month".

A number of pre-defined views come with the solution (for example, currently active contracts) and you can create new views with specific criteria.

For each view you can change the fields that are displayed.

Manage Foreign Currency

Contracts can be recorded in foreign currency amounts. can automatically retrieve the current exchange rate for you or you are able to specify the exchange rate you would like to use.

Archive Vault

Contracts can be placed in the archive when their useful life has ended. Archived contracts are kept away from your day-to-day list of contracts but can be retrieved at a later date if required.

Framework Support

Framework contracts support is included in intelligentcontract. Frameworks and their associated lots can be defined and made available for your users to browse. When a contract is let, it can be associated with a framework for reporting purposes.

Manage Custom Logos allows your organization's logo to be uploaded to your account. Your users will see their company logo whilst working on contracts.

Document Library

Create folders and upload your documents to the document library. Share key documents such as policy documents, model contracts, special clauses, user documentation etc... with your users.

Online Electronic Signatures

We integrate with Adobe® Sign (formerly EchoSign) and provide the functionality to have documents within intelligentcontract sent for signature. Following successfully obtaining signatures the signed documentation is uploaded against the contract record.

* Additional charges apply