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Supporting organizations in achieving greater visibility and managing risk, across geographies.

intelligentcontract for Financial Services

With the amount of sensitive data for businesses, people, and organizations in the banking, financial services and insurance industries, intelligentcontract has the functionality and features to help you streamline your contract processes securely.

How We Can Help You

Centralized Visibility & Validation

Contracts govern various industries involved in the financial sector and hence access to the sheer volume is paramount. Intelligentcontract provides you with a centralized platform to access all contracts from anywhere across the globe.

Controlled Security & Access

Increase and control security permissions for private and confidential information across all files. Customize access according to your document and also view actions, like edits with an audit trail.

Update Compliance Information

Seamlessly update laws and regulations with quick access to documents according to customized grouping or keyword search. Ensure all documents are updated to avoid risk and litigation.

Key Document Storage

The document library allows you to upload key documents such as policy documents, special clauses etc to help you access supporting information easily and quickly.

Electronic Signatures

Integrated with Adobe Sign, you can send documents online to be signed and linked to relevant contracts quickly and effortlessly.

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