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Easily monitor the performance of suppliers


Once a contract has been signed it's then that the work really begins. Keeping tabs on the performance of suppliers, who collectively play a significant role in the success of your organisation, can be a big task.

intelligentcontract allows you to create and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI), either for a specific contract or a supplier across a range of contracts, and then record and monitor performance against agreed targets.

For example, you may want your IT support supplier to answer 80% or more of your calls within 8 rings. intelligentcontract will allow you set up this KPI (or Service Level Agreement), record data and monitor whether or not the target is met.

You can automatically load the performance data from other systems, get a contract manager to log the results or even get your suppliers to log their own performance - whichever is easiest.

The result is a full set of supplier performance figures that can be used to inform the risk management process, be a key input to supplier review meetings or be content for your senior management packs. is cloud based software that will organise your contracts into a single, easy to access central database.

Get alerts, upload contract paperwork, search for the right contract you need when you need it! Plus we will help you load your existing contracts and train you so you don't get distracted from your day job.

And all this from £29 per month.

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