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More Options for Displaying Contract Values


We have introduced additional options when displaying contract values. When a value has been set for a contract there are a number of options for displaying that value. You can choose 1 or more ways to display the value for each contract.

Contract Value Display Options
Contract Value Display Options
What's Displayed
Contract Lifetime Value
Taking into account the start and end date of a contract, the value of the contract over its entire lifetime will be displayed.
Average X Value
You are able to choose: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annually. The system will take the value of the contract over its lifetime and work out the average over the period selected.
Value relating to...
You are able to select either 'this, next or last' and 'month, quarter, year or financial year'. The system will work out based on the dates of the contract the value for the period specified.
Value up to...
Given this, next or last month, quarter, year or financial year. The system will display the value up to that period, taking into account the contract start date.

Note: in each case, any individual financial field start and end dates as well as the contract start and end dates are taken into account.

For more detailed information please see this article.

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