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Where's Your Contract Agreement?


You've done it. You've successfully negotiated your way through a variety of supplier questions, jumped through the proverbial hoops and come up with a contract that suits everyone. Congratulations! You check it over one last time, make sure it's signed... and then what?

You file it away in a safe place, of course.


Only there can be some problems with doing that. 'A safe place' is a rather vague term. These contracts don't need to be looked at on a daily basis, so many times they are filed away and forgotten about. After all, the supplier is busy doing their job, everyone's happy, so why would you need to see it?

It's Filed Away - Why Do You Need It Now?

One of the main reasons for needing to get your hands on that contract or agreement would be a dispute. If someone somewhere isn't happy with the work that is happening and they want to check the contract to ensure that everything is as it should be, or if they feel the work isn't covering everything that needs to be covered and they want to amend the contract, finding it is the first hurdle to overcome.

And this is where the first problems can occur. That 'safe place' suddenly becomes so safe that even you can't remember where it is. But that client keeps asking for a copy of the contract. They're really very keen to check it over. Or perhaps it's you who wants to look through your supplier's contract. Maybe you're ready to renegotiate. Maybe you want to see if there is a cancellation period. Not being able to find the original document in these situations can be time consuming, costly, and stressful.

Many Offices Make Hard Work

Now imagine if you have more than one office. Where is the contract kept then? Head office? In the satellite branch that negotiated the deal in the first place? Who knows? No, seriously - who knows? If it's the office manager or administrator what happens when they're on holiday or off sick? Does anyone else have any idea where these things are kept? It's often the case that one person has control of filing contract documents, and they may not have told anyone else where they are. It happens. It happens a lot. And that can mean you have to wait until they return to work to get your hands on the contract you're looking for.

Alternatively, you may know exactly where your contract agreements are stored and, if asked, you could retrieve the correct one in moments. Fabulous. Except there is still an issue here. Fire. Fire can wreak havoc for businesses, destroying every paper document that exists. So what to do? Store them offsite in a facility that costs money each month? Don't store them and risk falling foul of legislation that says you need to hold on to certain documents for seven years?

It's a tough call.

But then contract management solutions were invented!

intelligentcontract - The Ultimate Solution

Our centralised electronic store of all your important documents can save you any worry when it comes to keeping your paperwork safe. What makes this system even better is that you can add indexing - in whichever way suits you the best - to enable you to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily. Search under supplier name, document type, even status (whether it's completed and signed or still a draft document). Need something specific? Just search. The electronic search function can even look within scanned documents to find specific clauses or terms - so you'll never lose anything again.

It's a pure form of control; it's easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to see why this kind of contract management solution is so popular.

This online contract management solution can be used for any kind of document, needed for any reason. Everything can be stored in one central place without the need to pay expensive storage fees. Plus the convenience of having it all there, right at your fingertips, is immeasurable. You'll save time and money, and everyone in any of your offices will be able to find the exact document they need, time after time.

And if the worst should happen and a fire take your offices and everything in them, your important documents will be safe and sound.

Disputes, renewals, just because you want to take a look... Whatever your reason for needing to see a specific document, using our online contract management system means that you can have it with just a couple of clicks.

Why Choose intelligentcontract?

intelligentcontract provides a central repository to store all your important contract paperwork plus you get loads of useful tools that make your contract management process a breeze. We don't have a limit to either the size of documents of the total amount of storage - so you don't have to worry about extra bills if your central store of documents gets big.

Licences start at £9 per user, per month. For more information, to get a free trial or to organise a demo give us a call on 0333 344 3905 or click at

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