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Control how you define a contract's value


We've updated the Contract Value field to give you more options, and more control, over how you define your Contract's value...

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What's Your Disaster Recovery Plan?


No matter what business you are in, you need to have a disaster recovery plan. Planning for the worst means that you are fully prepared for anything that might happen...

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Why A Lack Of Formal Processes Could Be Holding Your Business Back


There are so many things that can be a problem when you are starting a new business. Those things - whatever they may be - can still be a problem even when your business has grown and is established...

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What's the Big Deal About Business Continuity?


Business is business. It's not personal. We're told that on an almost daily basis, but, although in the past this may have been true, today businesses (the good businesses, anyway) simply can't afford to have that mindset...

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New look intelligentcontract - Coming Soon


All things must change... But in the case of intelligentcontract's innovative contract management solution, that's always a good thing. Not that our current look is anything to sniff at - we've always been fond of it - but our new look, due to launch on Monday 27th March, is even better!

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