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Am I paying the right amount to my suppliers each month?


When you've got so many supplier payments each month, the majority of which are automatic payments, are you sure the amount you pay is what was agreed?

Personally signing off every payment every month is not practical but we have the answer!

Set up your contracts in intelligentcontract and tell the system how much you should be paying each week, month, quarter or year for the duration of the contract. Now your accounts team can reconcile the payments with the information within intelligentcontract without you having to remember every detail! is cloud based software that will organize your contracts into a single, easy to access central database.

Get alerts, upload contract paperwork, search for the right contract you need when you need it! Plus we will help you load your existing contracts and train you so you don't get distracted from your day job.

And all this from £29 per month.

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