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The Top Five Reasons To Use A Digital Signature


You've seen digital signatures - your clients, your suppliers, your competitors… many, if not all, will have one. So why haven't you got one yet? Manually signing paperwork was once the only way to do things, but there have always been problems with this method. It takes a long time, for one thing. Perhaps it shouldn't, but everyone is well aware that a document left on a desk to be signed takes far longer than it should to make its way back to where it needs to be. Everyone's busy. Paperwork can get missed. It can get filed. It can get lost.

So using a digital signature can make things a whole lot easier for you, the productivity of your business, and everyone you come into contact with - if they need your signature, one click and it's done. No need to worry. No need to think. No need to interrupt your day to hand sign reams of paper. It's the best way to get things done in a practical and efficient way. Not sure? Take a look at these five reasons why digital signatures are something that your business needs.

Make Processes More Efficient

No one likes their day interrupted, especially when they have a lot to do and everything is planned out, hour by hour. Even if you have no plan - especially if you have no plan - interruptions make things so much harder. Now imagine the time it takes to sign all those forms and quotes and letters and so on. Add to that the time it takes to answer emails from those people who are waiting for you to sign all those forms and quotes and emails and so on… Can you see what's happening? Suddenly you're losing precious minutes in sorting out admin. Those minutes add up. In the end, your working day becomes much longer - either that, or you leave for the day with things undone. Now imagine having a digital signature. It's all done quickly and succinctly, and your day is your own again.

Be More Accurate

There are all sorts of inaccuracies that can be found in paper documents. From forms that are filled out incorrectly, to fields that are missed out completely, these errors can mean missing out on gaining new clients, or even funding. They can make your company look unprofessional. Or, if a prospective client or supplier has completed the form and missed sections out, or written the answers in an indecipherable way, it takes time - and patience - to get it corrected. Using digital signature services from intelligentcontract means you can rest easy, knowing that all mandatory fields have been enabled, so there is no way that any of those important forms can't be anything but 100 percent correct.

Added Security

intelligentcontract work with Abode Sign e-signatures, and these comply with every legal requirement for forms and signatures. They fall entirely in line with the most stringent security standards and demanding industry regulations globally. Find out more here.

The All-Important Audit Trail

Things go wrong; that's a fact of life, and a fact of business. If there is ever a legal dispute involving your company, having a completely open and transparent audit trail that is easy to find and totally up to date - as it would be if you used a digital signature service - will help no end when it comes to needing evidence.

Improved Visibility

Since everything will be altogether on one system, everyone who needs to see it, can do. This kind of improved visibility will speed things up and ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your important contracts and documentation.

intelligentcontract can bring you all of these benefits, and more, through our exceptional e-signature integration. Contracts can be approved internally, and sent for signature through email to exactly the right person. Contract paperwork can be collated in one place, where everyone involved has access. The progress of a contact can easily be monitored, and reminders sent automatically if and when they are needed. And any additions to the contract can be uploaded as soon as they are digitally signed; no waiting, no chance of losing any paperwork.

Get in touch with intelligentcontract today if you think digital signatures could benefit your business.


intelligentcontract is a highly customizable solution that provides a hub to store all your important contract paperwork plus you get loads of useful tools that make your contract management process a breeze. We don't have a limit to either the size of documents of the total amount of storage - so you don't have to worry about extra bills if your central store of documents gets big.

Pricing starts at $12 per user, per month. For more information, to get a free trial or to organize a demo give us a call on 0333 344 3905 or visit

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