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Store your contract documents in one secure place!


Having copies of your signed contracts and associated terms of business in a single repository that everyone can share makes life easier. gives you a secure, high quality solution that makes document storage a breeze.

You wont have to go rooting through filing cabinets and piles of paper in the corner of the office when you need to get access to a contract that your signed 2 years ago - your paperwork is held safe and secure!

What's more, once you've added your contracts to you can search for key words INSIDE the documents even if they are scanned images! We do the magic to turn images into searchable text. is cloud based software that will organize your contracts into a single, easy to access central database.

Get alerts, upload contract paperwork and search for the right contract you need when you need it!

Plus we will help you load your existing contracts and provide training so you don't get distracted from your day job.

And all this from £29 per month.

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