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Why do I need a contract management solution?


How do you manage your organization's agreements? Sign and forget, look after a clumsy spreadsheet or have piles and piles of paper gathering dust in the corner - If this is your method then you are missing a trick! Here are the top 5 reasons you need ditch the spreadsheet and start managing your contract process effectively using

1. Understand which agreements are active, expired or due

With so many agreements in place with various suppliers, it can be very difficult to keep on top of contract admin. Knowing which agreements are active, expired or due as well as how much each one is worth monthly, annually and for its lifetime is a task in itself. Spreadsheets can help but they are difficult to keep up to date and have limitations when it comes to setting alerts for key dates, storing documents and sharing with more than a couple of people.

2. Don't miss renewals or get tied up in supplier disputes

With in place, you are able to easily support your organization with renewal management and helping to avoid roll overs. Also with all the data to hand you can solve even particularly tricky supplier disputes easily.

3. Find that document or supplier phone number - fast!

Simplify your contract management process, share contracts with the people you want, and never waste time looking for contract documents or supplier information again. Having everything in one place means that when you need the information you know where to look, wherever you are, using whatever device is to hand.

4. Get a secure platform of data that everyone can access

Contract staff spend time answering questions from the wider organization about existing agreements as well as chasing people regarding renewals and disputes. provides a central platform for all the people in an organization to access their own agreement information. With controls to ensure the security of information and the ability to make users "read-only", you can still retain control whilst proving a "self-service" platform.

5. Use the data hidden in contracts to create new savings

Structured analysis of contract data is the most effective way to reduce your supply-side spend without compromising the quality of what's delivered. By effectively challenging suppliers as well as aggregating demand to a smaller supplier group, contract professionals can deliver real cash savings to the organization.

You can finally get a grip on all your agreements and put your organization at the top of the "being organized" class with Start a 14 day free trial here: and only £29 per user per month thereafter.

We can give you a demo, set up your own data in your trial account or provide a personalized investment case (which demonstrates how our solution pays for itself typically within 6 months).

If you have questions or prefer to speak with someone call us free on +44 (0)333 344 3905 where a friendly real person is waiting to take your call.

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