Improvements to Password Management


We have adjusted the way that new Users are invited to join intelligentcontract. To improve security around the process and make it more convenient we have updated the options...

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More Options for Displaying Contract Values


We have introduced additional options when displaying contract values. When a value has been set for a contract there are a number of options for displaying that value.

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Create Custom Fields with Multiple Dates and Date Ranges


In addition to selecting a single date value, we have now introduced the ability to select multiple date values and also date ranges.

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Introducing Office 365 and Google Login


We have introduced the ability to login to intelligentcontract using your Office 365 or Google account. If you prefer to use a single login for all your applications then this feature makes it possible!

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The Importance of Contract Management, GDPR and Brexit


As you've been browsing the web or reading through your emails lately, you won't have been able to miss talk of 'GDPR'. But what exactly is this, and how does it affect you and your business?

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