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Goal Setting and Procurement - What's the Link?


Having goals is good. That's it. That's the kind of philosophy to stick with in life, work, business, play and... Of course, it needs a little more to it. It needs some actual flesh on those useful bones, but the idea is there...

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Suppliers... Can't Live With Them?


Suppliers... No business can exist without them, but wouldn't it be easier if all you had to do was focus on running things - the fun side of business - rather than constantly having to speak with this supplier or that one...

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Build It Or Buy it?


We live in the era of ‘do it yourself’. We’ve been taught that doing it yourself, doing your own thing, not wanting (or needing) to be reliant on another organization is the right way to go...

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Where's Your Contract Agreement?


You've done it. You've successfully negotiated your way through a variety of supplier questions, jumped through the proverbial hoops and come up with a contract that suits everyone. Congratulations! You check it over one last time, make sure it's signed... and then what?

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Don't Rollover for Rollovers


There were 10 contracts running and the little one said 'Rollover, rollover...' It's not, perhaps, quite as catchy as the old nursery favourite, but it's oh so true - with potentially hundreds of contracts running...

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