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4 Benefits of Contract Management Systems


Contract management is an important aspect of managing supplier relationships and ensuring that products and services are negotiated at the right time and continue to receive support throughout their lifecycle...

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Top 5 reasons why your NHS Organisation needs a contract management solution


Most organisations have HR, Payroll and finance systems to manage the volumes of data, keep track of transactions and assist with building reports and dashboards, but it seems that procurement professionals are expected...

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Announcing Adobe Sign Integration Partnership


Following extensive research and feedback from our loyal customers, we are delighted to announce that we have established a formal technology partnership with Adobe to provide electronic signature functionality...

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KPIs the easy way - Get your suppliers to provide the data


Most contracts that are important to an organization will have defined Key Performance indicators (KPIs) associated with them. When contracts are negotiated there is significant effort to get the KPIs right for the business...

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Why do I need a contract management solution?


How do you manage your organization's agreements? Sign and forget, look after a clumsy spreadsheet or have piles and piles of paper gathering dust in the corner - If this is your method then you are missing a trick...

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