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Changes to 'Companies' in intelligentcontract


When you next log in to your account you may notice a difference in the way companies are created and stored within intelligentcontract. We have not reduced functionality, but just changed it around to make it more intuitive...

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New Feature: Admins can now log in as any other user


Sometimes it it useful for an administrator to be able to log in as another user. It can help with; Testing that your account's security configuration is working as expected, during an absence...

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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication


It's important that your account with remains secure. In line with other cloud based services we have introduced the option to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

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Charterhouse chooses intelligentcontract


We chose as their contract management solution offered us the flexibility we were looking for. Their people worked with us to ensure it would fulfill all of our requirements...

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EU Referendum - supply chain trade at stake?


Wherever you are, you'll have heard about this week's referendum in the UK. Will the UK #RemainIn or #brexit the EU this week? Far from being specific to the EU, we think it's a global issue...

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